Welcome to BSE – Nurse Rebekah

When students get scrapes on the playground and need a band-aid, they will be greeted by Nurse Rebekah Tucker in the nurse’s office.

She filled out our super *important* survey so we could get to know her better!!

The Basics:

Name: Rebekah Tucker

Birthday: April 5

From: Arlington, TN

How long have you been a nurse? 2 years

Where did you graduate from? The University of Memphis

Do you have any pets? We just got a puppy named Jax!

Do you have any hobbies? I enjoy walks and being outside and kayaking


Color: Green

Subject: Science (My favorite in college was pathophysiology)

Book Character: I just started reading Harry Potter for the first time so probably anyone from there! 

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman/Captain America

Season: Spring

Snack: I can’t pick just one! Maybe goldfish!

Coffee/Tea/Soda: Vanilla/Caramel Lattes

Candy: Sour patch kids, skittles, and peanut M&Ms

For Fun:

If you had Three wishes what would you wish for?

1.  I would wish for a trip to the beach and wouldn’t get sunburned

2. I would wish for my whole family to live in one city so I could see all my nieces and nephews (and of course siblings)

3. I would wish to be a really fast runner and/or flying abilities

What do you want  BSE to know about you?

I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 7 years old. I have 4 brothers who live all over the US and awesome parents who live in Memphis. I love to travel and have had the awesome opportunity to do missions in 6 different countries, spending all summer every summer overseas in college. My husband and I have been married since March of 2018 and eat burgers on the 10th of every month (I call it burgerversary). He is the Missions associate at our church and is getting his Masters in Missions so we can go overseas full time some day! And what I find to be the most exciting thing about me, I am currently growing a tiny human! Due in February 2020! 

My favorite photo of myself is me winning the wackiest sock award while sporting some great christmas socks that I bought my husband that has my face on them. I won a chick-fil-a gift card and that’s just my favorite too. 

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