Welcome to BSE – Ms. Marsh!

Art is such an important part of the school day and BSE has a new Art teacher this year!

Ms. Marsh has taken the time to answer the most *important* questions to let us get to know her!

*The Basics:*

Name: Scarlett Marsh

Birthday: September 18

From: Memphis

How long have you been a teacher? 13 years

Where did you graduate from? U of M and CBU for my Masters

What grade do you teach? All grades Art

Do you have any pets? I have 3 dogs and a foster dog

Do you have any hobbies? Gardening and painting


Color: Turquoise

Subject: Art of course!Book Character: Violet Baudelaire

Favorite Superhero: Aquaman

Season: Spring

Snack: Hummus and pita chips

Coffee/Tea/Soda: Unsweet Starbuck’s Iced Black tea

Candy: Heath bar

*For Fun:*

If you had Three wishes what would you wish for?

1. A trip to see the Sistine Chapel

2.World peace

3.A farm so I could have more animals

What do you want BSE to know about you?
I am very happy to be here! I love being an Art teacher and am thankful for my new job at this wonderful school!

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